Arrabawn Recipes

Healty Mac & Cheese


This is my daughter’s favourite dinner-you can do the first stage in advance and pop it in the oven to finish in between school runs or after a long day at work.


5og Butter
50g spelt or cream flour
500ml Arrabawn Milk
1 bayleaf
pinch grated nutmeg
½ tsp wholegrain mustard
200g brown or gluten free pasta
1 peeled carrot-diced
50g broccoli/cauliflower broken into little florets
1/2cup frozen peas or soya beans
Sea salt/ground black pepper
100g grated low fat cheddar
25g grated parmesan

  1. In one saucepan bring a pot of water to boil and then start to cook pasta.
  2. In another pot put the butter, flour, milk, bayleaf, mustard and nutmeg. Bring to boil on a low heat stirring with a whisk.
  3. When the pasta is cooking for 4 minutes add in the carrots, after a further 2 minutes add the broccoli/cauliflower and peas. Do not overcook the pasta-strain the water after 2 minutes further cooking.
  4. By now the sauce should be a thick double cream consistency. Stir in half the cheddar and check the seasoning. Don’t overdo the salt!
  5. Mix the pasta and vegetables lightly through the sauce and empty into a casserole dish. Cover the top with the rest of the cheddar and the parmesan.
  6. Finish in a moderate oven-350F/175C until brown on top-about 25 minutes.
  7. Serve with a pile of crisp salad leaves.

(If you want you can chop some ham or leftover Sunday roast and mix in to increase the protein content)