Get Fit With Karen - 5K and Saint Patrick's Day

Mar 13, 2014
Get Fit With Karen - 5K and Saint Patrick's Day

My body clock is all out of kilter. Waking at 6.30 am and I'm wrecked by 9.30 pm. But you know what? I'm loving it!

This morning I left a snoring husband and hit the park with the pooch before 7.30 am. Honestly that morning light is beautiful. I am turning into such a lover of nature, and find myself snapping pictures of the daffodils and instagramming them before I've even had my coffee!

Thankfully I've learned to at least run a brush through my hair, as this early morning dog walking can be quite the social outing. Seriously single girls, get a dog. You get talking to EVERYONE!

"Aw what age is your pup? Five? God she's still so playful. Loads of energy like this mutt, eh? Sure he'd have you knackered!" I may never even get the owner's name, but I'm familiar with Tara the Boxer, Seb the Pointer or Shep the Collie. These are the actual real names folks! I've them committed to memory forever!

I know I run the risk of sounding like I'm advocating going for dodgy walks in the park to meet men! So obviously I only go in the daylight, tell John where I'm off to, and keep my phone on me always. Unfortunately my dog is extremely friendly and would lick an attacker to death should I ever need her to rescue me!

I'm trying to do the guts of 5km a day. Its manageable if I do a walk in the morning and evening. I feel like I'm getting air, exercise, and it absolves me from the guilt of not making it to the gym when the evenings are so nice.

I've also become a great lover of homemade smoothies. I've been buying frozen berries, blueberries are my favourite, and blitzing them with milk in my handheld blender. Delish!

I get a good shot of vitamins first thing in the morning plus some protein to fill me up. I've been shocked at all the hype surrounding "sugar is the new nicotine" press and can't get my head around how much hidden sugar is in the likes of fruit juices. So now I've traded in my glass of orange juice for a shot of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water (apparently good for the metabolism) and then I bring along a smoothie for my walk.

So I'm armed and hydrated and ready for whatever conversation I happen to have with my fellow dog walkers!

Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend everyone, I'm off to the sunny south east, so fingers crossed we all get some of this lovely sunshine until the parades are over!

Happy St Patrick's Day!