Get Fit With Karen - Spring is in the air

Mar 7, 2014
Get Fit With Karen - Spring is in the air

You know what happiness is? Happiness is leaving work at 6.30pm and it still being a little bit bright!

I practically skipped out of the carpark yesterday evening when I saw the sky! Spring is here and I've got a "spring" in my step for sure!

Mind you I wasn't too fresh on Monday morning as I'd stayed up late to watch the Oscar red carpet. It's addictive! Who were your favourites? I loved Kate Hudson & Lupita Nyong'o - mind you, there was a little too much chest bone on show. Yowza...if they look thin on TV, they must be twinchy in real life. Ladies of Hollywood, don'tcha know strong is the new skinny!

We had our own glamourous day out today. It wasn't exactly a red carpet, but we did our annual photoshoot with Jenny McCarthy so us Xpose gals finally got to hang out together! We tend not to see each other until the end of the day, so it was great to catch up properly with everyone.

Still, it weighs on your mind that you've a photoshoot coming up, and I immediately start craving pizza. I'd been trying to be extra good this week, lots of stirfries, chicken and salad, and porridge for brekkie. Still I had to have a milky hot chocolate last night to get me to sleep as I was too excited about this morning's shoot.

And we were inspired by Ellen Degeneres and her Oscar selfie to take this pic. It's not star studded, but these gals are the stars in my life!

Chat to you next week!

KK xx