Get Fit With Karen - Fresh Air and Smoothies

Feb 28, 2014
Get Fit With Karen - Fresh Air and Smoothies
Hello all!

How are we all doing? Hope you're getting out and about when there's a brief break in the weather and getting some fresh air into your lungs!

We decided to behave ourselves last Friday night and get up early on Saturday morning for a walk in Djouce woods in Wicklow. Why is it that you always get the best weather early in the mornings? So we sacrificed the bottle of wine after work and set the alarm for Saturday morning and felt very virtuous altogether. Only that once we got to Wicklow, we couldn't find the woods. We literally drove around Enniskerry in search of a mountain!

So as the tension in the car started to mount, and the dog threatened to have an "accident", we decided to just pull over and walk. And it was still beautiful. Mind you, 20mins in, I was thinking about our pre-match lunch and mentally deciding whether I'd have a glass of white or red with my steak.

But thankfully my husband is adept at ignoring any moans and groans emanating from my direction (they're all good at that aren't they?), and we ploughed on for an hour and a half and felt brilliant after. My skin looked great from practically getting a microdermabrasion treatment from the wind whipping at my face, and our dog was nicely exhausted. And best of all I felt like I'd earned a nice big lunch!

I also tried to start the week with a run. I'm a fan of the Couch to 5K App, because I really feel like I need a voice in my ear telling me to keep going, and that I'm nearly done! So by 7.30am on Monday morning, I was jogging around our local park, feeling smug & saintly, and loving the sun in my face. In Ireland most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, so even a few minutes of weak spring sun makes me feel a bit better! Plus the new Arrabawn Skimmed Milk comes with added Vitamin D, so I'm doing well topping up my energy levels!

And speaking of milk, I'm planning on making my own smoothies, so I've stocked up on berries, milk and bananas and I've just bought a hand blender for a fiver in Argos! At that price, I hope I won't lose a thumb using it!

So I'll check back with you again next week,

But in the meantime,

Look after yourselves & let's keep moving! xxx