Get Fit With Karen - Strong is the new Skinny

Feb 21, 2014
Get Fit With Karen - Strong is the new Skinny

First off, I'm delighted to be able to chat to you here and talk about something close to my heart, health and fitness! I have a love hate relationship with keeping fit. Love the results, hate motivating myself to get to the gym!

So that's why I usually kick off my New Year's resolutions! I find the brighter evenings so much more welcoming than pounding the pavements in cold, dark January.

I'm just back from New York Fashion Week, where I was reporting from backstage at the various shows and of course bringing Xpose viewers all the action from the frow. Apart from the stunning designs on the runway, what struck me is just how thin the models were. They looked frail and desperately hungry!

I'm from the school of "Strong is the new Skinny" and I love to see strong toned limbs over collarbones any day.

Part of my daily routine is drinking lots of milk. It's a great source of protein which is so important to build muscle and it also helps me stay fuller for longer.

I take plenty of milk in my morning porridge, in my tea and coffee, and if I've trouble sleeping I have a cup of hot milk with a pinch of cinnamon. It feels like a treat before my head hits the pillow.

Then I kick off every morning with a walk in the park with the dog. Even if its just for 15 minutes, it feels great to get fresh air in my lungs and the sun on my face before I have to apply tonnes of makeup!

As for the gym, I'm not good at working out by myself. So I always try and get to a class. I used to think you could take it easy in a class of twenty people and just blend into the crowd. How wrong I was! My muscles got a major blasting from the last kettle bells class I did. And this week I'm trying piloxing!?

I'll let you know how I get on next week!

Take care everyone,